MAY 2015. Parking at Golden Corral (which together with Mikata, are my favorite restaurants, both buffets :O).

Ready to recover from exhaustion, after a long day in parking lots,... collecting those required petitions to qualify for the ballot.

MY BACKGROUND: John (Juan) Xuna

I ran for the US Congress in 2002, FL-22. Back then I was living in Hillsboro Beach, near Deerfield Beach, in Broward.

· I worked 38 years as Engineer, and 8 years as Science Teacher (FL certified) and university Professor (instructing Modern Physics and Computer Sciences)

· I do have a Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (from CU, Boulder, CO). Finished an MBA with concentration in Accounting (Inter American U., Caguas, PR). Earned about half of the requirements for a Ph.D. in Computer Sci. (CSU, Fort Collins, CO). Yet, did not finish it due family reasons, unfortunately -at that time- I was going through a divorce.

· I am a resident of Stuart. Rather than returning to Wellington, or to Miami, on my way back from Latin America (2013) I chose Stuart to live. I loved the city, the bridges, and the beaches. Excellent relocation.  

· In Latin America I spent two years, 11 months teaching (National University of Asuncion, Paraguay) and 11 months traveling (went through 16 countries driving my own car (a Dodge Avenger 2008), from Florida to Argentina and back. That amounted to 10,000 miles across Central and South America.

· During my frequent-flying years as Engineer I had visited most of Latin America (also Europe, Asia, and the Middle East). But no like this, where I could now stop everywhere I wanted. It was a great adventure! (And it might say something about taking personal risks, eagerness to interact with people, and personal character).  


Universidad de Vigo, Spain ( )

Asso. Industrial Engineering, Degree received in 1965, 125 Semester Hours

Major: Industrial Machinist (Lathe and Milling Machine);  Minor: Industrial Drafting

GPA equ. to: 3.96 out of 4;   Honors: Suma Cum Laude (passed board with Sobresaliente)



University of Puerto Rico, School of Engineering, Mayagüez, PR , US ( )

Bachelor of  Sciences in Electrical Engineering, Degree received in 1974,  117 Semester Hours

Major: Electronics;  Minor: Radars, Antennas and Radiating Systems

GPA: 3.49 out of 4;    Honors: Magna Cum Laude   Note: If not because of low grades in English (a new language for me) I would have graduated Suma Cum Laude.



Inter American University , Cagüas, PR , US ( )

Master in Business Administration. Pending Board Exam for Degree, 1985, 60 Semester Hours

Major: Business Administration, Accounting;   Minor: Taxes and Finances.    GPA: 3.67 out of 4

Note: I left San Juan before the final Board exam (which is compulsory for granting of degree).



Colorado State University; Fort Collins, CO, US ( )

Ph. D. in Computer Sciences.  Not finished! 1993-94  (16 credits, about ¼ of credit requirements)

Major: Smart software and Algorithms;   GPA: 3.5 out of 4

Note: Due to divorce, studies were interrupted in 1994, and accepted offer by LodgeNet (Sioux Falls).



University of Colorado,  Boulder, CO, US ( )

Master of Sciences in Telecommunications.  Degree received in 1993;  60 Semester Hours

Major: Telecommunications;  Minor: Satellite, Cellular, and Network Protocols;   GPA: 3.69 out of 4




1 Colorado State Graduate Grant

2 TAU BETA PI (Engineering Honor Society). Treasurer and Secretary

3 Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude undergraduate degrees

4 Scholarship granted by Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza "Conde de Fenosa"  ( )

5 Citroen-Peugeot Hispania Scholarships




  • C, C++, C#, Java, Visual C++, SAS, Prolog, Cobol, Fortran, Assembly, ... Oracle, Informix, ODBC
  • Florida’s Teacher Certification (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sciences). Eligible till 2018.
  • University Professor during 1982-85 and 2011-13 (Inter-American University,  PR Institute of Technology, and National University of Asuncion)
  • Milling and Lathe Machinist, ... and CNC programmer.
  • Pioneer founder of three microcomputer software ventures (1978, 1986, 1992).
  • Academic background in Biological Sciences (uncommon in EE/CS Engineer curriculums).
  • Polyglot: I do speak English, Spanish (vernacular), Portuguese and French.
  • Daily trader for three years (2000-03) traded stocks online intensively, and while corporate market values kept on falling.  Browser provided by .  Exhilarating experience! 
  • JOB-RELATED TRAINING COURSES:  JIT (Just in Time), SPC (Statistical Process Control), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), and … many more courses and seminars.



Candidate:  John Xuna (also Juan and Xoán)

 P.O.Box 426, Port Salerno, FL 34992   <<-- to write to candidate or donations

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