In 2001, just after the events in NYC (World Trade Center) I decided to run for a seat in the US Congress.

In that era when few candidates had no more than a single online page (for donations or looking for volunteers),  I had three extensive websites, which have remained unaltered since then, I call those "legacy webs".  No need to change an iota, my progressive views have passed the "test of time". That makes simple this web for 2016,because I do not need to rewrite much.  Please visit those "legacy webs" at:

  • for progress of 2002 campaign
  • for issues and political platform in 2002
  • for total disclosure, even family details (old family pictures, since it has not been updated since 2002)

When you visit, you will notice that the front page of my webs is like a cover, and the back page contains links to many other websites that I built throughout the years (I call many of those "science beacons"). Same "Xuna's webs" last-page is also part of this web.


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Candidate:  John Xuna (also Juan and XoŠn)

 P.O.Box 426, Port Salerno, FL 34992   <<-- to write to candidate or donations

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