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  Professor (Modern Physics)

National University of Asuncion (2012)

Physics AP Lab, Harbor Branch (FAU), Ft.Pierce, FL

MOA (Marine Oceanographic Academy)

  Physics Teacher

Doctors Charter H.S. in Miami Shores (2010)


John Xuna BSEE, MSTE       FL Teacher Cert#903172    (Expires 6 - 2018) 


  • Physics and Sciences (Grades 6 - 12)
  • Mathematics (Grades 6 - 12)  ... also Spanish (but I never taught it, yet I gave bilingual instruction to ESOL students)

Instructional Experience   (reverse chronological order)

08/2013 - 07/2014    MOA (Marine Oceanographic Academy)
Within FAU campus (Florida Atlantic University) at Seabranch, Fort Pierce. (Mr. Sloan, Assist. Principal)

Description: I taught 5 periods of PHYSICs (2 APs, 2 Honors, 1 regular)

Reason For Leaving: Decided to retire for good, too much commuting from Stuart.


Recinto Universitario de S. Lorenzo, Paraguay,    (Dr. Miguel Angel Vazquez), Physics Dept.

Description: I taught advanced courses, many were electives (COMPLEMENTS TO THEORETICAL PHYSICS, LASER TECHNOLOGIES, MODERN PHYSICS I and II, CLASSIC MECHANICS, as well as conducting a seminar in ASTROPHYSICS). Most students were in their last two years of their career.

Reason For Leaving: I committed to only one year as a visiting professor.  I have a minor daughter in the USA.

·        Very interesting experience, driving my own car (Dodge Avenger 2008) roundtrip from Miami to Paraguay. Spent 11 adventurous months on the road (10,000 miles).  Enjoyed every bit of it, this was the opportunity of a lifetime! I did cross Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, and México.  Driving my own car I had the option to stop wherever I wanted, and select any route worth to take :-).


08/2009 - 07/2011    Doctors Charter High School
11301 NW 5th Ave.  Miami Shores, FL 33168    Phone: (305) 754-2381 (Gary Meredith, Principal)


Reason For Leaving: Opportunity to teach at a LatAm university (UNA, Paraguay).


08/2008 - 07/2009    DASH (Design and Architecture Senior High)
4001 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL 33137    Phone: (305) 573-7135 (Stacey Mancuso, Principal)

Description: I taught INTEGRATED SCIENCE,   Both the Principal, Dr. Mancuso, and the Science Department Director (James Almeroth) wrote excellent letters of recommendation. This is a high school that ranks in the top 100, nationally!  They have a very scrutinous process for  selecting faculty.

Reason For Leaving: Small school, could not offered a full time due to financial crisis in our country after the financial collapse (2006-7). I was working part time while my house in Wellington (100 miles away) was in a foreclosure process, yet ended up being just a short-sale instead.  I could not afford to continue part time. We were expecting the Physics instructor to retire, and I would have taken over his classes as well (completing enough load for a full job), but it did not happen, he decided to stick around for another year or two.


08/2006 - 07/2008    Pahokee Middle High
900 Larrimore Rd., Pahokee, Florida 33476,     Phone: 561 924-6488
Position Held:
ESOL Instructor

Description: I taught MATH and PHYSICS to 122 students ranging from 7th  to 11th  grade, a total of 5 class periods. Two periods were of ESOL Intensive Math.

Reason For Leaving: Distance, and willingness to work in Dade where all my grown up children live.


08/2005 - 07/2006    Washington County Schools ECKERD
7202 Hwy 441 N.  Okeechobee, Florida 34972,     Phone: 863 467-0124
Position Held:
Science Instructor

Description: I taught Integrated Science to 132 students ranging from 9 to 12 grade, a total of 7 class periods. Pupils were juvenile delinquents; several were ESE and ESOL students.  I earned 60 credits of ESOL (certificate), and passed the ESE exam, both required.
Reason For Leaving: Wife’s employer (Goodwill) transferred her to W Palm Beach. Whole family relocated.


Up until - 08/2005    Professional Engineer for more than three decades; then I became a certified teacher in 2005.  As Engineer moved with the job, following opportunities that took me to different parts of our geography. Lived in several states. Traveled extensively overseas (“frequent flyer” for about 8 years). Often, I was involved in the training of our technicians, as well as the training of crews from our international clients (topics such as Radars and Avionics, Semiconductors, Video-on-Demand, Cable installation, etc …).


01/1982 - 12/1986    Teaching has always been my inclination.  While starting my software entrepreneurships in Puerto Rico (1982, 84), I was –simultaneously- a Professor at the Inter American University in Caguas, PR, where I taught Telecommunications (Optical Fiber, Computer Networks) and Computer Sciences (COBOL, Microcomputers and BASIC, also Automata Theory).  Then, in 1985 and 1986, while working as Engineer at Storage Technology, I taught Electronics and Computer Languages at the Ponce Institute of Technology (evening classes).


1960’s … while student of Engineering in Spain, I tutored for several years (Math, Physics,  and general Sciences) as to make ends meet.


Teaching Computer Sciences at the InterAmerican University, PR (1983) Teaching Computer Networks at the InterAmerican Univeristy, Puerto Rico (1983)

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Candidate:  John Xuna (also Juan and Xoán)

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