~ I was born in Vigo (Spain) at the end of 1948. My father -José- was a Police Officer, my mother -Amadora- a home-maker.  I have 3 brothers (Amador, Elías, and Bernardo) and one sister María Rosa. All living in Spain, all married. At the time of this picture we were only 3 siblings. ~ I am currently divorced (since 2007), yet I was married twice.  My first wife -Olga Cintrón- was from San Juan, Puerto Rico, I met her at the University of Barcelona.  She was a Physical and Occupational Therapist and came to Spain to study Medicine. I was enrolled on my first year of Engineering studies in a different campus, but close by.
~ Olga an I, married in 1971, and we divorced amicably in 1992.  Therefore, we were married for almost 22 years, and we have 3 sons (Ryan, Jason, and Kelvin). ~ After 4 years divorced, in one of my frequent international business trips I met an Oil Painter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, our wedding was a year later (we were married 11 years, from 1996 to 2007). We had one daughter, Alana.
~ My oldest son -Ryan Verxagio Xuna-  is an eye Doctor. He is single but recently he and Kayla engaged.  His fiancée is an Attorney.

~ Jason Melvin Xuna has the same profession as his brother ( he is also an eye Doctor, and so is his wife Marta Acosta). 

~ My youngest son -Kelvin Raymond Xuna- graduated from Harvard with a degree in Urban Development and is currently managing his own hostel in Los Angeles.

~ My daughter Alana is a senior in a high school of Stuart (CALC), and is planning on going to college after this coming summer. This picture was taken in Wellington when still married to her mom.  On a winter day, during one of my long walks, I found that green parrot when was a baby bird without feathers, he had fallen from a nest on a transformer atop a light pole.  His brother was dead from the fall and the cold night, and he was barely alive, trembling a lot. I took it home, and we took care of him for about 4 months.  Then we released him.  Alanita had a ball feeding him, and playing with him :O)
~ My brother Amador has 3 sons with wife Margarita.  Brother Bernardo and wife -Mar- have 2 sons. Brother Elias (pictured here on their wedding day) married late his sweetheart of years, and has not children. All brothers are doing quite well. ~ My sister M. Rosa married a well known football player, he was titular of the 'R.C. Celta de Vigo' [Celta], and also played in the Spanish National Selection during the 1970's (he is Fernando Rodilla).

~  They have 1 son (Ivan) and 2 daughters (Marta and Rosana). Rosana is engaged, and her two siblings are both married and with a kid each (Marta a daughter, Ivan a son).

~ This is the most recent picture I have with Ryan, when he came to visit.  We are here dining at Mikata Buffet.  He came with fiancée Kayla. Kelvin was passing by Stuart that day as well, so he is also in the picture between the two ladies. ~ In this picture, my married sons pose with their respective wives. Jason who lives in Miami Beach went to L.A. to visit his brother. The picture was taken over there.

~ In the front Kelvin and wife Katia (who is of Russian extraction). On the back side is Jason and his wife Marta (she is from Puerto Rico, and met when both studying Optometry at the Inter American University on the American Commonwealth island). 


~ My daughter in law, Marta, made me a grandfather last November. Here is a picture of my only grandson -so far- Dylan. My daughter Alana is having a good time watching him. ~ The parents of Dylan, that is, my son Jason and wife Marta (the picture was taken on a Halloween party)
~ Let me end, with a group of pictures taken by my sons when visiting their cousins in Spain (not all, but most of them).  All reside in Vigo, Spain, the port city where I grew up.

~ On the right, brother Bernardo (on the picture lower right) with his extended family. His wife Mar at the front, and the picture being taken by his son Fernando. His other son is Carlos.

~ On the right, brother Amador with wife Margarita and their 3 sons (Marco Antonio, Roi, and Mateo).

~ On the left, sister M. Rosa with husband Fernando Rodilla, their son -my nephew- Ivan (his wife on the leftmost), and my niece Rosana.  Another daughter (my niece Marta) is not in the picture, neither is her husband, Juan.

~ My homeland Spain, the region is Galicia, the city Vigo.  Most of my extended family lives in Vigo, but I have also relatives in Orense, and Coruña. Vigo has a beautiful deep harbor, it grew up from an old fishing town, it has great mountains and great beaches. The weather is fabulous.

~ On the right, my son Ryan visiting me in Stuart. The lady is Kayla, his fiancée.

~ On the left, Alana holding the baby Dylan.  In the foreground my sons Jason (father of Dylan) and Kelvin who came from L.A. for the occasion. Sitting on the sofa is my sons' mother, my ex-wife Olga (always looking good for her age).

~ Finally, I am posting a 45-year old picture. I am proud of being a Veteran. I did my military service in the Spanish Army (1970-2), being assigned to the Military Police in Madrid.

~ That was when Dictator Generalissimo Franco was dying and the political future of Spain was uncertain. Some friends deserted and fled to Europe. I could have done that, because I had my passport, and my fiancée was American.  Yet, I served my country with honor. It was not until 1976 (40 years ago, coincidentally in the Bicentennial) that I became a naturalized US citizen.

~ My son Kelvin is a Veteran of the US Army.

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